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Wednesday's at 6 pm

Las Vegas 

Rainbow Writer's Group

Las Vegas 

RainbowWriter's Group

All writers welcome

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The Las Vegas Rainbow Writer's Group is composed of LGBTQIA+ writers of all genres. Its purpose is to provide a safe place to critique each other's work without being judged or asked to be censored or to be told that it's too "Gay." It's hard being a writer in a heterosexual writers group. Not everyone can understand the struggles of being a rainbow writer, so they are unable to give a proper critique in the essence of our writing.

We welcome all writers that write LGBTQIA+, so we can all learn how to avoid Cliche' and stereotypes.

We are a creative group with a lot of love that we want to share with the world. To help others break through their homophobias, to understand our feelings, and to show that we are part of society.

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