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LV Rainbow Writer’s Group meet to help each other grow as individuals who write and help each other through the process from an idea for a story to either publishing or selling it to those in their particular fields. Together we read, provide critique, give presentations, and share resources to make our writing better. As well as giving advice on publishing and marketing our stories.

Read and short Critique at the meeting

 We use a standard format

  • You read for 10-15 minutes, and we critique for 10 minutes

  • The person on your right gives 1 (one) major critique

  • The following person critiques something different

  • Everyone has a chance to offer their advice

We suggest to critiques the following unless otherwise asked for something different

  • Plot

  • Story Flow

  • Holes in the story

  • Clarity

  • Tenses

We try not to critique grammar or spelling. It takes away from the critique and usually that is done by a professional right before it’s published.

 Long Critique

 We also have a Long Critique method. It’s simple to do

  • We bring 5 (five) copies of 10-15+ (Chapter) pages of your current work

  • Some of us take a copy home and critique it

  • We make notes using the attached evaluation form during the week

  • We bring the copy back with the above form filled out

  • Before or after each meeting we can meet with the author and share our critique

The intent of this session is to give you the reader information that will help you advance as a writer and give you the tools necessary to submit to a publishing house or self-published.

As a reader, you are welcome to ask for a different type of critique, or you can ask only to be heard without having a critique. 

The Writing Process Presentations

We will give a presentation in various medias on the writing process (15-20 minutes at the beginning of each meeting)

  • Queries

  • Drafts

  • Marketing your book

  • Finding resources

  • Other topics requested by our readers 

Our Goal is to help you as the writer succeed in your venture.

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Wednesday's at 6 pm